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Core Founding Team

Kosta Hristov
Kosta Hristov has many years of experience in international business development and sales management. It is a successful expert in block chain customers and a hot marketing consultant (a consultant for start-ups), and also a graduate of the HAX accelerator project. Working and living in 4 different continents, it is able to conduct upwards and cross functional management, and can strategically think about the location and application of the block chain in the future industry with the least guidance, the least uncertainty and the clear attitude.
Felisa Lu, Filipino
Felisa Lu is the spreader of blockchain technology in the Southeast Asia region, and former CEO of ChaoEx. Felisa graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines in 2009, and then joined an internationally renowned digital currency trading platform, thus having accumulated many years of experience in the industry. Felisa is proficient in forward-looking study of blockchain technology in the financial field, and once led the team to fulfill the launching and overseas promotion of several blockchain projects.
Ms.Tamara Schmitz
Ms. Tamara Schmeltz, with a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering, a master's and a doctorate in electronic engineering at the Stanford University, had a deep study in the field of chip, storage, and artificial intelligence. It was in charge of research and development at Xlinx, Intel and Micron, and was responsible for area chain related fields. R & D work. Ms. Schmeltz is now living in Silicon Valley, California, USA.
Thomas German is a software engineer, senior photovoltaic engineer. He set up the German proHelios New Energy Company, and set foot in the field of block chain in Shanghai, China.He is committed to exploring the integration of new energy and block chain. Thomas can speak German and English fluently.
Dennis Berke
Dennis Berke is a development programmer, applied computer science undergraduate, commercial computer science doctorate. He worked in Germany's largest energy software company, responsible for product development and software programming.

Project Consultants


BUPT Online Blockchain Education and Research Center

Founded in 2006, BUPT Online is an educational technical company co-founded by eleven entities, including Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), MIIT and a 4G application developer. Relying on relevant resources provided by BUPT, it has grown into a first-class service provider of network education and training, education technology software & hardware development and mobile Internet solutions in China. In 2017, BUPT launched the first blockchain EMBA president class, for the interpretation and training of blockchain technologies and business programs by various senior experts in blockchain technology and from the industry, including Han Feng, Chen Xiaohua, Yang Dong, Deng Di, Xu Mingxing and Gong Ming. In the future, ValueCyber and BUPT Online will further their in-depth cooperation to provide ValueCyber-based technical development and application scenario training.

Storm BFC Sowing Cool Cloud is the world's first BCN (Blockchain Consensus Network) block chain basic service platform, launched by Beijing storm new shadow Technology Co., Ltd. The Baofeng Cinema is a Baofeng Group Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 300431), which focuses on block chain, large file distribution network, commercial and home video service market, and has rich experience and technology precipitation in large-scale, high concurrent distributed file systems. The Baofeng Group is a public company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in China. It has a series of business such as Baofeng video online video service, Baofeng mirror VR, Baofeng sports, Baofeng TV Internet TV and so on, with more than 300 million people in the world.

The operation team of the CHAOEX is formed by the digital money enthusiasts and practitioners in many countries and regions of the United States, France, Spain, Russia, Japan, Korea and Hongkong. The team is close to more than 40 people. It has been set up in many languages such as English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and other languages. The team will actively practice the concept of the development of the block chain and contribute the most to the development of the global block chain technology

Technical WhitePaper

For more project information, please download our White Book.
A great dream is more than what a white book can portray
It also requires the joint efforts and devotion of more people
To this end, we hope you can join us to create a brighter future!

Technical WhitePaper

Development Plan

October 2016 - put forward the technical thought of ValueCyber;
December 2016 – write a technical white book;
January 2018 - start private placement;
February 2019 - complete the development of ValueCyber, and exchange VCT with tokens at the ratio of 1:1;
November 2016 - design the architecture;
November 2017 - initiate the development of the project;
February 2018 - issue ERC20 tokens and launch such tokens in exchanges;
March 2019 - carry out the ecological construction of ValueCyber.